Providing physical and spiritual needs to children around the world in the name of our tender, loving Father.

How it All Started and Where it's Going

Ron and Glenda Allan, the founders and directors of the Ark, were dramatically introduced to Jesus back in 1976. This led them to knowing God’s heart for people and his compassion for the nations. They’ve spent time in missions all over the world, from Mexico to the Philippines, and from Canada to Ecuador. Following his voice and heart has led them to one mission of compassion after another.

The Allan’s biggest venture was the 20 years they spent in Ecuador, answering a very urgent call from God to rescue and raise over 750 kids from the streets and from dangerous home situations. This was how the Ark first began and became official.

Now that the time in Ecuador has, for this season, drawn to a close, God has called again. This time, awakening a heart of compassion, and a vision for the troubled youth in the cold north of Canada. The Ark Kids Ministries Canada will set up a base in Iqaluit Nunavut, Canada

Ron and Glenda have 12 children that are now grown up and scattered around the world. One of them, Isaac, has also received a call from God and in answer to that call, is at the moment getting paperwork and a building in order to rescue homeless families and children off of the streets of Cebu, Philippines. This shelter will be a branch of the Ark. As well as Cebu, the Ark has two more ministries that reach out to youth in the mountain province of the Philippines. Grass Roots Ark Ministries is our name for all of the Arks Philippines ministries.

The Ark’s overall purpose and vision is to rescue children and youth who are at risk and bring them and their families the hope of the gospel.

Their motivation is to see God be exalted and his perfect and delightful purposes fulfilled among the nations! Let his kingdom come and his will be done!