Isaac Allan and his wife Dece are running the Ark Cebu.

Jeepneys are one of the forms of transportation in the Philippines. They are small and usually very crowded.

While the Ark youth centre was getting started in Tacloban, Philippines after the devastation of typhoon Yolanda, Ron and Glenda kept hearing how Cebu, on the next island over, was one of the top cities in the world for sex trafficking, not just pimps and their prostitutes, but also small children, sold, kidnapped and/or abused for the greedy pleasures of lusting men.

They felt God’s pain that his children could be so mistreated and soon the love of God prompted them to move the Ark into Cebu.

In the meantime, God was also calling Isaac’s attention to the anguish of those in Cebu, showing him how he felt and his plan of restoration for those stuck in poverty on the streets. He believes God wants him to rescue families off the street as a preventative measure against the trafficking and abuse that happens to those vulnerable on the streets.

So Ron and Glenda are currently beginning a work with Isaac Allan and his new wife Dece at the helm. They have been plodding through paperwork, searching for a Christian social worker and have signed the contract to rent a large 4 story building and plenty of room to house those in need. Their plan is to begin by opening a hang-out/drop-in centre and a feeding program. As Isaac gets to know the street children he will be able to determine their needs and point them to the shelter that is soon to open. The future might possibly demand opening another children’s home.

Grass Roots Ark Ministries Cebu,(Ron, Glenda, Isaac and Dece) will be working alongside other ministries who have the same desire to protect children from traffickers and remove vulnerable kids from the street.

The city of Cebu, known as the heart of the Philippines, is full of people living on its streets. From very small children, to entire families, from elderly to young teens, the severity of the poverty is heavy. The Ark’s purpose is to get those vulnerable to traffickers off the streets and to safety.

Isaac leading worship on Christmas in a visit to the slums of Cebu, Philippines.