The Ark is now setting up sponsorship for underprivileged children and youth in the Philippines, offering them a chance to get a good education. Our staff in some cases also offer a meal a day and in other cases a snack. The parents and children sit down with our staff on a regular basis to discuss the well being of their children as well as learning more about following Jesus.

The children are carefully selected according to their need and their interest in pursuing an education. So far the children are from Baguio City and Appari in the Philippines. We will have new sponsorships available in the spring.

A regular sponsorship is $20 a month for elementary and middle school students. As student advance to high school and later to college, the sponsorship cost increases to $35 and then $45 a month.

Please write us at with your interest in sponsoring a child and we will confirm the process.

To donate to the sponsorship program, please visit our donations page