Up in the north of Canada, in the territory of Nunavut, live the Inuit. The history between the Inuit and the government of Canada has been tense in the past, and many things have happened causing much pain amongst the Inuit. Depression is high, especially amongst the youth, and recently in the news, there has been epidemic after epidemic of teen suicide.

Since she was small, Glenda has always felt a strong pull to the north of Canada. Now at last, she and Ron have recieved specific call from God telling them it’s time to go. He’s got plans of redemption, restoration and revival for those hearts crying out for help.

Ron and Glenda are currently in Iqaluit, Nunavut, getting to know the culture and the people and putting together a plan to build relationship with the teens there and find ways to reach out and serve. They have already seen God at work and he is willing, eager, and longing to bring healing and restoration to the youth’s relationship with their heavenly Father.